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Spook Safe Insurance? Is that a thing??

By October 18, 2023November 8th, 2023Ghost, Halloween, Insurance

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..”  Oh wait, that’s Christmas for most folks. But for a lot of people, autumn is the most wonderful time of year.

There are really two types of autumn loving people. There are those that love the crisp cooler air, the sweater weather, the changing leaves, the fact that you can literally “pumpkin spice” everything. Then there are people like me, who equate the temperature drop to that feeling you get when you are being watched, to that slight sense of unease, to that adrenaline you get when you are afraid. Those people, my people, lovingly refer to this time of year as Spooky Season!

A lot of people (I am looking at you Danielle) look at us ghost and goblin hunting folks as crazies. The belief in spirits and ghosts, bigfoot and vampires, werewolves, and witches, is not something that they would ever take seriously. While for me the jury is still out on the werewolves and vampires, I do believe that there is so much more out in this world than just what we can see. In my forty years, I have had more than one unexplained encounter. Maybe I am completely nuts, but I know that I am not alone in my beliefs. There are thousands of people out there like me. You can hardly scroll through the Guide Channel without finding a broad array of documentary style ghost programs. Ghost Hunters, Haunted History, A Haunting, Paranormal Witness, 28 Days Haunted. There is no shortage of people out there seeking the truth.  

So, what does this have to do with insurance you might ask? Well, you all know that insurance is created out of necessity. Wherever there has been a need for coverage, not far behind is a company that claims to offer protection against said peril. Paranormal experiences are no different. A company in the UK specializes in such policies. They offer what is called, Spooksafe insurance. I know you are thinking that I can’t be serious but I am. When it comes to matters of ghosts, I do not joke.

So what does Spooksafe cover? Spooksafe insurance policies cover against all incidents that are of paranormal or supernatural nature.

👉Death by a paranormal or supernatural body/activity
👉Injury by a paranormal or supernatural body/activity
👉Damage to personal property caused by a paranormal or supernatural body/activity
👉Attacks by a paranormal or supernatural body/activity like vampires and/or werewolves
👉When a person is turned into a vampire or werewolf. 

You are surely thinking though, there is no way that this type of policy would ever pay out, right? Wrong. A woman covered under similar insurance was thrown over banisters in her home, which resulted in her death. It was concluded that a paranormal body was involved in the killing, and thus the insurance company paid out the claim for a sum of $100,000!

I couldn’t imagine being the claims adjuster on a paranormal claim. If I have learned anything from watching Annabell, The Conjuring, and Amityville Horror, I know that you don’t even go IN those houses, you just believe them when they say that it was a ghost and you sign the check.

I also couldn’t imagine being an underwriter for one of those policies.  In an effort to mitigate loss and write only safe risks, I would venture to imagine they would have to ask some of the strangest questions. Is your house built on an ancient burial ground? Do you ever perform seances? Do you dabble in the dark arts? Have you knowingly ever crossed a witch? Do you live in a house that was previously owned by a high-powered attorney who has been rumored to be involved in the disappearance of local prostitutes? Oh, wait, that last question is probably just for me.

It never ceases to amaze me what broad array of insurance coverages are available. It also never fails to make me recognize that I am probably way underinsured. If anyone needs ghost insurance, I am pretty sure it is me! So, if you will excuse me, I am going to apply for some SpookySafe coverage! Have a happy haunted Spooky Season!